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Saratoga Springs, NY-- BMG Healing with 5th-Dimensional Science, with Sue and Aaron Singleton (a 3-hour workshop)

This is a phenomenally fun training and healing experiential! The half-day workshop is open to ALL: no need to be a practitioner, nor to like mathematics! BioMorphic Geometry" (BMG) is a ground-breaking new science of healing created and developed by Aaron and Sue Singleton, the next generation of sacred geometry. The Singletons BMG designs apply geometry, mathematical formulas and algorithms that create energy and initiate positive change. Frequencies created by BMG help effortlessly correct and release imbalances in your DNA, brain, body and energy fields. The many BMG designs created by Aaron and Sue Singleton relieve neck, head and back pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, release electro-magnetic frequencies, toxins, improve vision, lung capacity and much more. You will be amazed how simple, fast and fun it is to use these tools for yourself and others.

You will learn more about, and experience MANY of the BioMorphic Geometry Tools listed below and unique ways in which you can use them in your daily life to be healthier, happier and pain-free:

  • Spark of Life Pendant: helps the body produce nitric oxide, dilate the blood vessels, and may lower high blood pressure
  • Master Balance Cards: relieve physical and emotional pain, balance the chakras, improve the taste of food and water, project the holographic energy imprint of crystals, vitamins, herbs, and much more, for healing
  • Oxy-Press Cards: pressurize oxygen into areas of poor circulation, and may increase stamina
  • EMF Release Cards: release the electromagnetic field pollution that has been building up in your body for years
  • Chemical Sensitivity Relief Cards: release chemicals trapped in your body that may causing allergies and other sensitivities
  • The three BMG Healing Shirts: Healthy, Happy, Healed; Oxy-Kat; Meta-Boost. Wear some of your healing tools!
  • Happy, the EMF Protection & Clearing Mat/Mousepad: clears EMF from any room or space, a great travel companion for EMF and Wi-Fi in airplanes and hotel rooms, as well as at work or home
  • Emotional Healing Algorithms: bypass the brain and make emotional healing easier; great for pets also
  • Revitalizing and Grounding (Up and Down) Vortices: applications with BMG And more fun, inspiring and healing "stuff"! Use under a chair, massage table or simply stand over it for rapid healing of yourself and others. Your own portable vortices, without traveling to Sedona or other vortex locations!
  • Access Your Divine Blueprint, Sets 1 and 2: Your Divine Blueprint is your state of spiritual perfection as bestowed upon you by Creator, and is your connection to universal love. This is a very significant time in the evolution of consciousness- we must overcome life's challenges and imbalances in order to move forward in our personal and spiritual development and to reconnect with our Divine Blueprint. Each set contains six unique cards to help this process be simpler and gentler


  • Learn many bonus ways of working with the various BMG tools directly from their inventors
  • Enhance your skills at using the BMG Tools, whether it's simply for yourself and family/friends, or for your healing practice
  • Be among the FIRST in your area to be using these powerful tools
  • Receive HEALING for yourself as you experience the various tools
  • Experience this amazingly simple way to bypass the brain and address the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances, as well as clear your chakras and energy fields with ease
  • Take home tools and techniques you can immediately apply on yourself, family, clients and pets
  • Elevate your consciousness with 5th dimensional science

Please bring your own lunch! If paying at the door, please arrive by 1 PM.

Enjoy an EarlyPay discounted tuition by registering before April 24 at 6 PM, register by clicking on the button below:

In-Person Only
Name 2nd Person if >1

Date:  Sat. Apr 25, 2020
Time:  1:30 - 4:30 pm
Location:  The Gideon Putnam Room in the Administration Building (in between the Gideon Putnam Hotel and the Roosevelt Baths and Spa). It is diagonally across the courtyard from the Baths and Spa
Cost:  $79 EarlyPay BEFORE 4/24 at 6 PM; $85 thereafter or at the door

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